So you have just started your career and are looking for ways to advance your career? One way to do this is through using a mentor for career advancement.

Once you’ve just entered the working world, advancing your education through an MBA program or another graduate degree program is probably not the best way for career advancement. If your employer has limited training programs, you can find a good mentor to help you climb the corporate ladder faster.

A good mentor will offer a little advice and guidance, such as what he or she might have done in the same situation. If possible, find a mentor who can help you to build your skill set. Ideally, the mentor is an individual with much more experience in your field, who can point you to the steps you need to take. You may find that older employees may even offer to mentor you, especially if they occupy a managerial role and see you struggling.

Selecting a Mentor for Career Advancement

There are still plenty of ways to get the help you need. If you can locate an ideal mentor within your organization, or through your personal network, you may be able to convince him or her to be your mentor, simply by asking. Also, consider checking with the professional organizations which handle your area of expertise and seeing if any of their membership would be willing to mentor you.

Once you’ve started your mentoring relationship, however, never be afraid to end the relationship. You may move past the point where you need such help, or you may not find that your mentor is able to provide you with help in such a way that you can benefit. If the relationship is simply not work, politely remove yourself from the situation and find a mentor better equipped to help you.

Overall, you can benefit from the experience of your mentors, if you are willing to make the effort to learn from them. Even sitting down over coffee with a mentor and talking can provide you with information that you have no other way of learning.

That is the power of using a mentor for career advancement. While some mentoring relationships can be for pay, the time spent is time taken by the mentor with no expectation of compensation.

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