This sample interview thank you letter shows you how to write interview follow-up letters to attract interviewers.

As a career changer you’ll compete with other candidates who are incumbents in your target industry. In this type of competition every single tactic is matter. And this includes interview thank you letters.

But what’s the most important aspect of effective interview thank you letters and how it can help you get noticed of prospective employers? Just keep reading and you’ll find it from the example of thank you letter after interview below.

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Interview Thank You Letters Structure

Opening. Thank the interviewer by reminding him or her the date and the position you are interviewed.

Body. Comment on something you learned during the interview by emphasizing qualifications that are most important for the position.

Express your interest in the position and the company. Make sure to add your strengths that will offer solution to the organization’s most pressing problem.

Closing. Thank the interviewer once again and restate your interest to the position. If you know the next step, you may suggest for further action by providing phone number and suitable hours you can be reached.

Always send a hard copy letter to the interviewer since this is the most formal format and is right for an interview thank you letter.

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Sample Interview Thank You Letter

Use the sample interview thank you letter you’ll find below for a reference to write your own job interview thank you letter.

Take some time to write and edit your thank you letter so it reflects your style, personality, and interest for the position. Visit thank you letter after interview, if you want more interview thank you letter tips.

Dear Ms./Mr. Interviewer

Thank you for taking the time to discuss the position X in your division with me. I enjoyed meeting with you and I learned a great deal about your company. Based on what I learned from the interview I am confident that I have the background and qualifications necessary to work effectively with your team. I am especially pleased to know that you need a new team member who has project management skills, since I acted as a project officer for two successful projects at my current employer.

I am excited about the position and the prospect of working with a team of professionals. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

(handwritten signature)
Your name

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