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Midlife Career Change Help – Free or Paid Service?

Looking for midlife career change help? Continue reading to learn more about your options and what advice I have for you.

When it comes to making a midlife career change there are many options for you to choose from. These may range from doing self assessment together with taking free career tests to hiring a professional career counselor. All of the available options can cost starting from gratis to more than $1000.

With a variety of career services available out there, how do you determine the best midlife career change help?

It all depends on your situations. If you are used to periodically make self evaluations this is a relatively easy job. Just seek out free self evaluation resources and take serious career tests that cover aptitudes, interests, personality and values. You want to get the results of  the career tests and learn about your career options.

Your next step is study all aspects about your career choices. Using the data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other reliable resources understand the pros and the cons of each career field. If you have set your must-have requirements for the your ideal career you will be able to rank all of your career options.

What to Do After Getting Midlife Career Change Help

Once you decide the career you want to pursue you can go to your local temporary employment office or an online part time job agency. Apply for the job and “get some experiences” with the people and the job’s environment for at least 3 months.

After that “probation period” compare your personal experiences with your notes about the job. Do you like the job and the people you worked with? Do you want to accept the cons of the job? If you want to go further with this you can also talk to respected persons that have been in the profession or industry for long time.

Try the second option if the first one doesn’t meet your requirements. Do those steps until you find the best job.

That’s my career change advice using mostly free resources that you can find online.

As an alternative if you have money, you can invest in a more systematic, proven approach for planning a career change from a professional career counseling service. A good counselor has experiences, tools and resources that you can tap for making a career change.

No matter what option you choose if you are looking for midlife career change help the mini course on how to change careers is a good guide for your midlife career change journey.

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