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To Quit Or Not To Quit A High Paying Job

So you want to change careers but a high paying job holds you back? My midlife career change advice might offer help.

But let’s face this brutal fact first:

[box type=”alert”]High paying jobs are probably the biggest obstacle that keeps people from moving to a new career.[/box]

Aspiring career changers who hold the middle and top management positions are a good example of people who raises this issue.

If you have been “successful” in your high-paying career it is not easy to just leave the occupation and switch to a new one. Have a look at why the inertia is so high…

3 Strong Reasons We Don’t Want to Change Career

Bye-bye colleagues, I quit my job.

1. We have built up years of expertise through training, education and hard work.

2. From time to time, our expertise get recognitions and your improved performance is rewarded.

3. Socially, we have colleagues and communities that respect our career backgrounds.

Basically, we have been “programmed” to live in that employment and social systems for very long time.

We already have a particular lifestyle and even specific habits that hold us and our job together like glue. That is what so-called a rewarding career that ironically we may no longer like.

With all those settings, do you think it will be easy for us to reprogram our life and work for a midlife career change?

The answer is obviously no.

So what must we do to get the new career that we really want? Take a look at our current situation first…

What Our Current Career Looks Like

Employment system is actually designed like a TRAP.

Once we enter the system you have to follow it and not for long we’ll get addicted to it. Finally, we can’t leave it because if we switch our job and move to another company we are actually entering another trap.

For example, if we are promoted to an executive position we probably have to drive a specific brand and model of car that reflects our company image.

Okay, we’ll get a raise in salary, benefits and other company’s perks. But this is usually followed by the rising of lifestyle as we think that “higher position” requires a higher status symbol.

This is the greatest reason why we stay with our company. We are tied with the company because all the facilities, loans and other systems make it almost impossible for us to leave them.

How do we get out of such a dilemma? Here is my midlife career change advice…

My Midlife Career Change Advice

Your choice is whether to keep your current job and stay miserable or find a new career and get satisfaction from it. (But learn whether you really have to change career or change job first.)

I chose the second option many years ago and never looked back since then. It was not an easy decision and required a lot of sacrifices from my side but it was, and is still, worth pursuing.

If you agree with me and want to follow your life’s mission and passion I would suggest you consider the proposition.

Take your first step by visiting a career counselor or following this comprehensive midlife career change advice.

[box type=”tick”]I wanted to build a more meaningful second half of my life because I probably wouldn’t get a second chance. What about you?[/box]

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