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Journalism Career – How a Journalism Degree Helps You

A journalism career that begins with a journalism degree at a great college can lead to the kind of glamorous job. A career in journalism also offers satisfying and well paying job that brings dignity and respect to its holder. The good thing about picking a career in journalism is that there has been such an explosion in the number of media outlets all over the world.

If you have a journalism degree the first place to look for a job is a newspaper. Whatever the reach of the paper, local or national, every paper does need news-gathering staff, and people experienced with composing everything in a way that stands a chance of grabbing the interest of the reader. The daily work that gets carried out — from news-gathering to editing and management — at every newspaper office generates enough opportunities for those graduated with journalism degrees.

At the beginning you are given the responsibility of doing routine work such as writing obituaries, covering local sports events or interviewing local personalities. Once you have some experience, you can expect to move up through the ranks and get more important assignments. Certainly, it’s a career that asks a lot of you. But the satisfaction of seeing your work published, read and appreciated often becomes addicting.

In a world where physical newspaper companies are facing fierce competition from online publications — with many old-world media companies even folding — many journalists are likely to find better career opportunities working for an online media company.

You could become a freelance journalist doing freelance reporting for a specific industry, or you could also work for an online magazine or paper. A journalism job with an online paper or magazine requires no less work and no less creativity than work at a traditional media outlet. The job search is likely to be just as demanding as a regular journalism job search.

Of course, a journalism career in radio and television is certainly not to be overlooked. Working at any of these media outlets is also real journalism, and requires as much in reporting and presentation skills as any other kind of reporting job. With television and radio affiliates and small local cable stations all over the country and in every small town, you are likely to find an opportunity in one place or another.

Overall, being a journalist isn’t easy. You need to constantly be on the road trying to find the next story. But it’s a great way to change the world. And if you are lucky enough a journalism degree can help your journalism career find a position that brings you power and fame.

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