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How To Stop Procrastinating Right Now

At some points in life, there are times when we aren’t satisfied with your income achievement but  procrastinate solving the issue. I knew it because hat was my situation. I want to stop procrastinating but I didn’t.

I’m good at planning everything from career development to financial independence. But, as you may guess, it was only good and well-written on paper. It didn’t grant significant money for me.

Motivational gurus, from where I learned goal setting, mostly suggested that I had to write my goals and objectives on paper. I’d followed all of their guidance but nothing happened. Yes, I mastered the goal setting knowledge but my income objective was far from my reach.

About one and half a year ago I found these a simple formula for me to stop procratinating:

They are SO obvious and simple but I didn’t realize how powerful they were until they really changed my life.

When I began to accept the fact that I used to be a procrastinator on difficult and unpleasant tasks I saw things differently. As a result, my earnings increased by one and half just by applying the first formula. After that, I believed that further achievement was right before my very eyes.

Why are the formulas so powerful that they changed my life?

By starting with small steps I didn’t need to alter much of my daily routines. It’s a human nature that we love a status quo and resist change in our daily routines. But I could adjust easily with a minimal activities switch. I didn’t feel too much pain when I did one new daily task.

In short, I moved forward slowly but almost painlessly.

The second formula is essential to keep me moving forward. When I faced many obstacles down the road I rewrote my reasons why I wanted this goal. Every reason, especially the ultimate reason, was my additional fuel in case my energy level was low.


If I can apply the above formula, you can too. Just apply the above formulas to stop procrastinating on whatever objectives you want to achieve. Of course, a goal for doubling your income is always interesting.;-)

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