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How To Start Your Money Making Web Site In 2 Months

If you’re in deep debt there are ways to improve your financial situation. One simple way to get a decent sum of money is to build a money making web site. This is a hobby-based website related to your passion or what you enjoy doing.

You may choose any topic that has a good revenue potential. But how do you know a certain website theme has a sufficient amount of advertisers or merchants who are willing to pay high? Here’s how…

Click this Adwords keyword tools. Once you get there you’ll see a search box on the center of your browser. Fill in a word or a phrase related to your topic and click Get Keyword Ideas.

BAM! At the center you’ll see a number of advertisers with their amount of bids at the bottom of the listings. Check the 10th advertiser out to discover its bid. Now you can get a rough idea about bids range of your theme potential.

Next, on the lower-right side you’ll find the number of searches during a month. From this pane you can have an estimation about the traffic of people who are looking for a certain information.


How can you use the above information to build your money making web site? It depends on your knowledge and skill of money-making site. But for every level the next logical step is to research further the keywords with

Wordtracker service will help you find out keywords or keyphrases with lots of demand but low number of publishers. High profitability keywords may make your web page in the top ten position in the Google or other search engines’ ranking.

With a minimum of 100 keywords starts your site building. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran choose a route that can help you focus on your site’s contents and marketing and less on technical matters. This site building service qualifies for the requirements.

Start writing web pages of your money making web site. SBI service provides a guide on how to write a good contents that are loved by your target visitors as well as search engines. Apply for Google adsense once you reach 20 submitted pages to search engines. If you’re accepted you’ll be given codes to display Adsense advertisements on your web pages.

At this step you may also want to become affiliate of merchants that provide products and services related to your site theme. Get ones with good click to sales ratios, if you join this affiliate broker you will choose a merchant based on how good is its commission program.

In about two months or less you’ll start earning money from your web site. The amount of money you’ll receive is closely related to your position in Google, the keywords value and your merchants’ conversion rate.

To increase your site revenue resolves to add a page every two days or three depending on your time budget. Contact related money making web site webmasters to get inbound links. Your confidence will become higher and higher every time you receive an increase amount of money from your site. Believe me, although it’s only small steps daily for not too long you’ll become unstoppable.

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