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How to Make a Dramatic Career Change

A common career change step involves doing self-assessments with the expectation that you’ll find your own characteristics and its matching occupations. Using this knowledge you’ll then select one occupation or two for several month internships. And finally you choose a career based on the information you get from the internship.

What if you change the approach? If you really hate your job, do you think it is a good idea to quit your day job and go back to school.

For example, you enroll in a full-time MBA degree. You’ll mingle with different people and you’ll gain new knowledge and skills. And the most interesting one is you’ll see opportunities you haven’t seen before.

During your study you may learn which type of field you’re interested in, its outlook and its possibility for career advancement. In short, you’ll never know what’s possible for you until you take the plunge and experience the process.

Want to try? Learn more about how to make a dramatic career change here.

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