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Goal Setting Activities – Ways to Set Realistic Goals

Goal setting activities are fundamental in aligning our thought and actions for achieving both our personal and business vision. The process of setting goals seems to be straightforward. We establish specific, measurable objectives and set a defined time frame for completion. We then develop an achievable plan, implement the plan and measure our progress towards reaching our goals. Finally, we evaluate the outcome to refine our initial plan.

Sounds easy enough to do, right? Unfortunately, setting personal and business goal rarely works out that way. One major reason that makes these activities will not result in your desired outcomes is because you often fail to establish realistic goals. Another reason is you set your goals with only a hazy view towards how you’ll actually accomplish them. What’s more, you may be motivated at the beginning of the process, but lose your motivation somewhere along the way.

If you find it difficult to set and achieve your goals then read on to discover the solution…

Smart Goal Setting Activities That Works

When setting goals, make sure that every goal you set is realistic and achievable, given an appropriate amount of time and resources.  A goal to earn $5,000 per month within three months, when your current earnings are less than $1,000, is unrealistic. However, setting an ongoing goal to increase your income by 5% or 10% per month is more likely within your reach.

The next step is to break every goal down into smaller tasks and scheduling them in sequence. Before defining the target completion date, be certain that you allocate a reasonable amount of time for completion of each task and allow the sum of the tasks to define the completion date.

Also, remember to schedule regular progress reviews. For example, just schedule every Friday afternoon to review your progress and make any adjustments to help you keep your goals current.

Depending on what have worked for you, you can keep a simple goal management system. This may include simple worksheets, templates or forms. Alternatively, you can implement goalsetting software to improve your management process and goal achievement.

In short, setting goals are both science and art. There are many theories related to setting and achieving goals that are readily available to back up your activities. However, you will need some time to learn the overall goal setting activities and then discover what really works for you.

Setting goals are an evolving process focused on continuous improvement. If you diligently evaluate the overall goal setting activities you will be able to set a realistic goal and then control the desired performance. These small goal achievements are actually a collection of personal victories in the form of positive affirmations. They build your confidence level and provide endless energy to help you keep motivated along the way.

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