Employers read effective interview thank you letters to follow-up job interviews. But what are thank you letters? Why are they so critical?

Interview thank you letters are letters sent immediately after job interviews to thank you for the interview opportunity and to highlight essential qualities for the job. The letters are effective thank you letters if the interviewers remember you as the qualified, highly motivated candidate.

In a highly competitive job market every phase of job search is crucial for getting a job offer. Post interview thank you letter phase is one of the deciding phase. And what interesting is that interviewers expect you to send job interview thank you letters.

They expect more information about you from your interview follow-up. Interviewers are curious whether:

  • You know what the employer expect from you by confirming the discussed topics.
  • You’re able to meet the position’s requirements.
  • You show that you’re professional and courteous.
  • And, if this is your first interview, you deserve for a second job interview.

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How To Write a Job Interview Thank You Letter

Imagine you’re competing with several qualified candidates, how are you going to win the interviewers’ attention? Interview thank you notes can help you stand out from the crowds. Here are the general tips…

  • At the end of your interviews always ask your interviewer’s business card. It’ll help you send the thank you letter after interview to the right person.
  • You may send your thank you letter interview by fax, mail or email. Use a standard business letter and be careful especially with name spelling of your interviewer. If email is your preference avoid using emoticons and acronyms.

Once you get the general ideas of writing effective interview thank you letters you may want to practice your own job interview thank you notes with this sample interview thank you letter .

You’ll see from post interview thank you letter sample that writing effective interview thank you letters aren’t difficult. So craft your own thank you letter and you’ll know how powerful this tool is in your job search.

Once you’ve sent your interview follow-up letter, prepare for a second job interview with these employment second interview questions.

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