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Dream Job Hunting Tips

So you have tried many job hunting tips but still cannot get the job you want? If so, then these dream job hunting tips offer help.

Several days ago one of my readers asked me an advice on how he could show the talent of public speaking or speech writing to his target employers. He mentioned that he had already sent letters to many politicians offering speech writing services but got no response from them.

This is actually a classic story, where you send lots of application letters to prospective employers but get no interview invitation at all. If this happens to you, consider hiring a professional resume writer — if you haven’t.

Start Your Dream Job Hunting By Hiring a Resume Writer

A reputable resume or CV service can help you profile the needs of prospective employers and tailor your service offerings to their needs as well as guarantee you to get an interview.

What if a resume writer cannot help you get an interview at all? If even after using a resume writing service your resume or CV still can’t help you get an interview I would suggest you use another approach. And as a case study let’s use public speaking or speechwriting career.

If you really have an outstanding ability in public speaking or speech writing then the issue is how to get noticed by your potential employers. As your application letters have failed to work for you I would suggest you build a social or business network to reach the employer. Here is how you can do it.

Dream Job Hunting Through Social Networks

At first, it can be difficult to know who might have the right connection for you. But, with the development of social networking sites like, you have new tools to mobilize your social networks as you can pass the word around that you’re looking for a job.

Many social networking sites also allow you to search for the company that you would like to work as well as help you find its employees online. Contact these employees and see if they can help you build a connection that will develop into a position.

You might also consider checking through which employers your friends connect you to, and building on those links. If you’re aiming an ideal position at a specific company, you can make a connection with the right person to get you that job using the company’s hierarchy that is often available through its website.

You might also consider joining professional associations covering public speaking or speech writing, even if you don’t have a job in the field. Membership rosters can be very valuable in a job hunt, because you can simply look up the relevant individual in companies that interest you.

Dream Job Hunting Using a Blog

Remember also to start blogging because a blog that shows your expertise can help your career. Blogging regularly can establish you as an expert on a subject. You don’t need credentials to blog about any topic, but if you can show yourself to be an expert, you will use your blog as leverage for getting a job from the employer of your choice.

Blogging can also help you to display samples of your work like a lengthy list of speech writing documents, especially if you can provide many testimonials from high profile politician or business executive clients. If you’re a speechwriter the easiest way to show your writing skills is to write convincing news and stories regularly, for which blogging is ideal.

So, there are many ways to do dream job hunting. If you cannot rely on your friends and family as well as submitting resumes to classified ads, your social or business network might help you find an employment that you’re looking for.

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