Employers use culture fit interview questions to assess corporate culture compatibility of new hires. They implement cultural fit recruitment process because the risk of mismatches between you, as a new hire, and its values and expectations are real.

For that reason, you’ll want to learn about how employers deal with the cultural things in their hiring processes. You’ll want to prepare for job interviews as they want to get culturally fit employees to boost their long-term profitability.

But what’s the problem of conventional hiring processes? Recruiters focus on a your skills and experience. You may look impressive on paper and in interviews. But there are risks you aren’t culturally fit.

This is the reason employers change their hiring practices. Now they focus on their interviews with culture fit interview questions.

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What is a Culture Fit?

The term fit in hiring processes refers to two aspects: job fit and organization fit.

Job fit is a “micro” aspect of your qualities suitability with a job. It refers to the degree to which your competencies and interests’ responsibilities are relevant to the job. Good performance and job satisfaction two common indicators that you’re culturally fit to your job.

Organizational fit is a “macro” aspect of your personal characteristic compatibility to the company’s values, behaviors, beliefs and norms.

Culture fit is one of the organization attributes for measuring individual congruence to the words and behaviors of every employee in the organization.

You’re culturally fit to an employer when you perform well, contribute faster to and stay longer in the company.

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Why Becoming Culturally Fit is Important?

Let’s say you’re one of the best candidate for a potential employer. You may have the knowledge and skills that can help the company grow over time. But as the business environment change you have to develop new competencies to make the company stay on its competitive edge.

The employer’s organization values, however, are almost the same over time. Its core values even don’t change since it was founded — it’s the company’s DNA. In short, cultural fit can’t be developed.

A job fit means you have met current organization needs. But there are risks that a job fit won’t work in the future. It’s possible that you can’t grow together with your employer in the long run.

And if that is the case they would consider the hiring as a high risk decision.

Studies have shown that the single greatest contributor to performance failure and job dissatisfaction has to do with a lack of fit with organizational culture.

If you don’t align well with the boss’s core beliefs and values, it will be very difficult to develop an effective working relationship.

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