Career Tests Guide

Career Placement Test and Career Counselor

Career placement test is the right career test for those who can no longer perform their current jobs due to injuries. If you are suddenly faced with the need to find a new career try to contact rehabilitation services to take a career placement test. The department of rehabilitation services was designed to work with individuals that needed to switch career paths due to a change in abilities.

The career finder test is a way for the career counselors to help you figure out what areas you have skills and interests in. The skills and interests are then matched to careers and openings that are available.

If it is a career that requires training or education, the department of rehabilitation services has funding available to help with this education. The services are available to anyone that is forced into a career change or is unemployed and wants to make a change in the work that they do.

Career Placement Test and Your Career Counselor

The career test is given at any work force center and is also available to take online. If you want to discuss your career test results with a career counselor then go take the test at a work force center.

The career test takes about forty minutes to complete. The questions are not knowledge-based, but rather what you like and dislike. For example, you are given a number of choices such as out doors, indoors, in an office setting, for a question related to work place preference. There are several general questions that help match you with a work environment that is pleasing to you.

A career counselor can help you choose a new career path based on your career placement test results. Just discover a new career that best suits your personal situation and start a new, richer life.

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