New Career at 40 Plus: Become an Entrepreneur

Looking for a new career at 40 or even 50? Perhaps you’ve wanted to start your own business and become an entrepreneur since you’re young. If so, you’re among the men and women who are brave enough to take an unconventional career: an entrepreneur career. However, being an unconventional career it also requires special competencies […]

Midlife Career Change Help – Free or Paid Service?

Looking for midlife career change help? Continue reading to learn more about your options and what advice I have for you. When it comes to making a midlife career change there are many options for you to choose from. These may range from doing self assessment together with taking free career tests to hiring a […]

Career Assessment Test – Career Tests for Your Children

Career Assessment Test is the key for your children to enter the real world. Does the following situation happen to you as a parent? When your¬†children are still in school and living with the folks, they naturally don’t think much about careers and the future. Okay, maybe they ponder the future, but probably without financial […]

Journalism Career – How a Journalism Degree Helps You

A journalism career that begins with a journalism degree at a great college can lead to the kind of glamorous job. A career in journalism also offers satisfying and well paying job that brings dignity and respect to its holder. The good thing about picking a career in journalism is that there has been such […]