Answers to secretarial interviews are good job interview answers in response to tough interview questions asked during secretarial interviews. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to secretarial interviews, studying possible questions and answers before the real employment interviews are a requirement for successful interviews.

One way to master the interview technique or process is by practicing role-playing. Practicing role-playing with the secretarial interview sample answers are crucial for secretarial job seekers but it’s a must for career changers who aim for secretarial jobs.

To answer difficult interviewing questions confidently you need to research what employer expect from you for the position. The best source for learning the job requirement is The Secretary Position’s Job Description. Or, if you can’t get the document you may learn the role of a secretary as an office professional.

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Answers to Secretarial Interview Questions

Here you’ll find four sample answers to top secretarial interview questions:

Why do you change your career?

As a career changer you may answer the question with your real reasons for leaving your earlier career but you need to emphasize your experience and skills that will easily help you in a secretarial position.

For example: if you’re good at time management you may say you’re skillful at a certain time management software so that you can manage your boss’s appointment schedule effectively.

You may also add your special training and education that support the secretarial job requirements.

Why are you applying for our company?

Tell the interviewers about how the company’s objectives and work environment fit your career objectives and interests. An answer to the question demands an employer research before any interview.

If you have a lot of information about the company you may also describe a more subtle issue such as: corporate culture or company values. It’ll impress the interviewers since you’re interested not only in your job scope but also on general issues, especially if they’re able to support your job performance.

What is your offer to our company?

As a career changer you need to be careful with this type of question. Promise too much won’t impress your prospective employer. Offer too little will result in not getting the job.

The best strategy is to present your unique strengths compared to other job candidates. If your competitors are experienced secretaries, try to find a special skill an ordinary secretary won’t have.

For example, you’re good at Spanish and you know that the employer has many Spanish-speaking clients, it’s clear that your Spanish competency is your competitive edge.

What is your greatest achievement?

This is also a tricky question for career changer. If you mention an achievement that you consider great but has no relationship with the secretary job it’ll add no value to your presentation.

Once again transferable skills are kings for successful answers to secretarial interviews. Here you may borrow your time management skills and how they saved a significant sum of your company’s money.

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General Answers to Secretarial Interviews

The above answers to secretarial interviews are unique for career changers who are interested in a secretarial job. You’ll find another sample of questions and answers for more general job seekers at job interview question and answer page.

You need to learn and practice general job interview answers since possible combination of questions asked by any interviewer are countless. The interviewers are used to design the questions to predict candidates’ qualities such as: teamwork, communication, leadership, flexibility, enthusiasm, interest, and ambition.

Always match the requirements of a great secretary with your transferable skills in every answers. With this kind of approach you’ll be confident answering tough interview questions.

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