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Facing a fading occupation or tired of your job but a career change idea holds you back? If you are looking for a new career you’ve come to the right place. I’m about to share my personal experience and all the things I know about changing career at mid-life. And you will get second career tests advice and learn how to make a midlife career change from me.

Whether you are looking for a second career or third, changing career at 40 or 50 is doable. There are people who experienced similar situations as you’re now and some have managed to get more rewarding careers. Sure, that won’t be easy. However, the reward that you can get is long-term joy and job satisfaction.

Take Second Career Tests

second career tests for a new career directionIf you want a new career in your mid-life start your plan by taking several second career tests! Good occupation tests for working adults allow you to learn interesting facts about yourself and offer appealing careers to choose from. The assessments can also show career directions, which is essential for choosing a second career, like a compass shows true north.

You may already know that career choice tests are a popular tool for students and fresh graduates to learn about their career options. However, the use of career assessments is not only limited to those seeking their first careers. People at 40 or 50, looking to start a new career, can also benefit from the test reports. There are many career assessment tests that can help people looking for a second or third career.

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Good Reasons for Taking Second Career Tests

Entering a completely new career is a serious business. Fact is changing course isn’t for the faint of heart. Because the road to a new work is tough and full of obstacles, only those who value peak performance and long-term joy find it worth pursuing.

Do you really want to change career? Don’t make any decision before taking several career tests. You want to take an interest survey to discover occupations you are passionate about, a personality test to know how you behave in work, an aptitude test to learn how you perform on specific tasks and value assessments to determine your career values.

The aptitude, interest, personality and value tests are practical tools to check your overall suitability with your current job. The instruments allow you to learn whether the results come up with new career paths. This way helps make sure that you have the right reasons for changing careers.

Career tests can also offer you new career directions. Using the assessments your self-evaluation task is half-finished because you’re already given a map to new occupations, including reasons why they are great for you. In addition, when your career goals are very vivid, creating a plan for a new job hunting isn’t an issue for you.

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Get the Right Career Change Advice

second career tests for a new careerReady to get out of your comfort zone and face the challenges? If so, not only will you get help in taking career tests and finding a new career field but get advise also on getting the best one for you. Instead of just wandering through other jobs, you will

  • Take different second career tests and select the best career from a list of fields reported by testing providers.
  • Know how to do a thorough self assessment and set career goals.
  • Get tips on how to use part-time jobs, freelance projects, interning, and volunteering to discover your best career.
  • Learn job hunting skills from cover letter and resume writing to pre-employment testing and job interviewing.
  • Be helped in identifying the right job training, professional certifications and career education.
  • Be aware of other critical unknown elements of changing career, such as managing money during career transitions.

You want to take second career change tests and get your career profiles. Without having to leave your current job, either take a temporary job or a side business, or even enroll in a certification program. Just use the career change steps and your pursuit to achieve a dream profession will become less stressful, enjoyable experience.

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How I Took Second Career Tests and Got a New Career

This site grew from my experience in taking different types of career path tests, which was the first step that I made for my midlife career change journey.

I really wanted to change career and for that purpose I took 3 kinds of second career tests. Interestingly, the tests results directed me to 3 possible careers: interior designer, entrepreneur and technical writer. Based on the information I found both from self assessment and the test results I chose an entrepreneur career.

After quitting my job I had to start the new career from the beginning, at a lower-income than my last salary. I had to give up some luxuries, hobbies and other costly lifestyles. Not many people can afford to make those kind of sacrifices when they have a family to take care of.

There were many more struggles down the road but now I enjoy the fruits of my labor.

That is my short story (the longer story is here). Please subscribe to the updates and come back often as you’ll get career change ideas, tips and advice, plus inspiring stories from successful (and not so successful) career changers.

So thank you for visiting my site! I hope you’ll be able to take second career tests and successfully get a new, better career.

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What to Do Next?

Read this step-by-step career change tutorial and create your career change plan Now!

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Second Career Tests Guide was last modified: December 9th, 2014 by Paul Sarwanawadya
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